Keke Palmer addresses tweet on colorism, comparing Zendaya

Keke Palmer is an “incomparably successful artist.” The “Nope” star, 28, hit back at Zendaya’s comparisons to her career. A tweet got attention over the weekend: discussing Hollywood’s problem with apartheid. Discrimination against people of color within the same race.

I wish someone would do a deep dive into the similarities and differences between Keke Palmer’s and Zendaya’s careers. This is probably one of the clearest examples of colorism in Hollywood,” one Twitter user wrote in a Saturday thread. “ Keke Palmer and Zendaya are children actors. Their personalities and notoriety are different.

The tweeter later cleared up the similarities, saying they both perform; Not a “triple threat” in singing and dancing. ” But if Zendaya was darker, I do not know if she’d be considered mainstream by their description,” the addict wrote.

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Keke Palmer joined the conversation

KekePalmer joined the conversation on Sunday to shut down the conversation. A great example of colorism is to believe that I am comparable to anyone. I am the youngest host on the talk show program.

first black woman to have her own show on Nickelodeon; and the youngest and first Black Cinderella on Broadway.” She spoke about her success on “Good Morning America” ​​and Nickelodeon’s “True Jackson, VP.”

The “Alice” star said, “This is an incomparable talent for me, Baby Keke Palmer.”

This is what we need to talk about in America’s colorism.

“I’ve been leading lady since I was 11,” Palmer added on Twitter. “I have over 100 credits and am currently working on an original script,” she said. Which is number one at the box office #NOPE. So far I have had a very happy career. I couldn’t have asked for more, but God surprised me. ”

Nope” shot through the box office in its opening weekend. “Thor: Love and Thunder” dropped to second place after its third week. Brian Truitt of USA TODAY rated the film three out of four stars.

“Nope’ isn’t a particularly scary UFO movie, but it’s touchingly creepy. Peele plays with his audience in sinister ways before going bold and big with visuals. (especially Hoyte van Hoytema’s dazzling cinematography) and white-knuckle tensions,” Truitt wrote.

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Zendaya didn’t respond to the Twitter conversation comparing her streak to Palmer’s. But the former did address how color has played a role in her career.

At BeautyCon 2018, she discussed being Hollywood’s version of “an acceptable black girl” and “that has to change.”

We are so beautiful and so intriguing,” says the” Euphoria” star.” All I am saying is to produce those openings, occasionally you have to produce those avenues.”

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