More Pixel 6a owners find that any fingerprint can unlock the phone

Pixel 6a owners find that they can unlock the phone with any additional fingerprint. The Pixel 6a is available in stores now. Some customers worry about Google’s security breach. They noticed that their new phones can be unlocked with a fingerprint.

Two Pixel 6a-related reports surfaced in India last week. The Pixel 6a‘s under- display point detector( UDFPS) allows anyone to unleash it. This includes people who did not register their fingerprints ahead of time to unlock.

Since the Pixel 6a went on sale in 13 countries today, there have been six more reports so far. From being suitable to unleash with another unrecorded cutlet to being suitable to unleash someone differently’s 6a. One person said that after removing and re-entering the stored fingerprints, the problem did not occur again.

Most customers’ Pixel 6a doesn’t seem to have this problem. We thoroughly tested four Pixel 6a units and couldn’t replicate the issue on all of them. Google suggests that only certain phones affected by changing the sensor for the 6a.

What matters is what happens on the units actually shipped to customers. The software( or tackle) between the review and retail units does not feel to differ.

Google released an update on Thursday that brings the Pixel 6a to the June security patch from April to June. still, Builds for homemade installation are only available for Japan and Verizon.

until Saturday We are still waiting for the global update and the version for AT&T and T-Mobile phones.

It’s still unclear if that update will fix the problem or if the affected phones have a deeper hardware problem. It could be a bad batch of fingerprint sensors. Really need to send replacements.

Hopefully Google will start the process automatically regardless of which devices are affected. At the same time, A software bug is much easier to fix for all involved.

As a short- term result, People with this problem can disable point unlock. (First go to Settings app > Security > Fingerprint unlock > Delete) and you can only use PIN or password unlock.

From what we can gather today, Whether you have this problem or not, this problem doesn’t appear out of the blue.

9to5Google reached out to Google for comment, but it did not hear back before we published it.

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