Football; Paul Lindsay welcomed the five-man substitution system

Football News ; Liverpool assistant coach Paul Landers believes that allowing five substitutions in the new Premier League season, which starts tonight, is the salvation of the football world.

In 2020, the number of substitutes was temporarily increase from three to five when football resume, suspend due to the coronavirus. FIFA’s board agreed to finalize the rule last October.

However, the Premier League only changed the system of three substitutions per game throughout the last season. But Lindsay welcome the fact that the Premier League agreed earlier this year to have five substitutes in the new season, which kicks off tonight.

Other Football News ; Aston Villa coach Jared said to advance to the next level

Aston Villa boss Steven Jarrett has challenge his side to push for a top ten finish after receiving support from the club’s owners during the transfer window.

Villa made five signings in the summer, including the signing of Coutinho from Barcelona, ​​as they look to improve from a disappointing 14th place finish.

“Now is the time to work, not talk. It’s hard to tell in the pre-season whether it’s improve. But getting only number 14 is unacceptable. This has been make clear to the players. More stability is need.

I want to be in the number 10 of the points table. I also want to do better in cup competitions. We have to pay more to the fans,” Jarrett said before Bournemouth’s away game.

Former England captain Jarrett said that although Tyrone Min was a little disappointe with his decision to give John McGuin the captaincy instead of full-back Tyron Min, it will make him better in the long run.

Tuchel said that Chelsea players fear the curse of number 9

Chelsea coach Thomas Tuchel said that the team’s back number 9 was not omit for the next player to be recruit, but because many players who wore that number believe that they were curse because they did not perform well in the team.

Lukaku was the last to wear the number 9 at Chelsea, and he return for a club-record fee of £97.5 million, but return to Inter, where he came from, after just one uneventful year.

Crespo, who use to wear number 9, Fernando Torres Falcao Higuain Moreta also came from another place with a nickname, but they did not grow as expected in Chelsea.

“People say this number is cursed. It is not left out of strategy. Amazingly, no one wants to take this number. Those who have been here longer than me, this man wears number 9 and cannot score. “People say they can’t show their skills when they wear this number,” Tuchel said before the game against Everton.

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